Human Resources

Human Resources

Create value for our customers is our first priority is to respond to the expectations of quality and stability. owning our products and our duty to be there for our customers in the aftermarket.

Always check the "best" is our ultimate goal!

Quality, services, suppliers and dealer relationships, make the best of it as an investment to shareholders and to protect the public image we have is our main goal. The areas to undertake management activities to achieve this goal and our basic principles shown to be the leader in the market.

The most important asset is our human resources!

Quality of our products and services starts with the quality of our employees. Best staff and attract adult manpower to toplulu?umuz and work together, the ability of our people, to ensure maximum benefit from the power and creativity; to increase their efficiency, to enable the development and create a working environment where cooperation and solidarity, generations of our community is the way we choose to ensure its success over the years.

Our goal is to create resources for continuous improvement!

To carry out the necessary investments to ensure continuity of service; The right of capital to promote the merger of small and big savings on the profits for the shareholders; our employees and to help society's economic and social development, and create activities and ensure the rational use of resources from all sources is our main principle.

Outstanding work ethic and honest work to comply with the principles and show respect for our behavior!

Fair in all our relationships, "win-win" principle, act in good faith and understanding, our basic principle consistently abide by the law and ethics. Respect for diversity as a prerequisite for success, and we support that we embrace open communication. Today fulfill our responsibility towards the people and future generations, we will not get into our pioneers and give another basic principle. for our society and the world, it is our duty to spread this awareness and conscious of environmental protection.