About Us

MARKAS Boru ve Plastik San A.?.; -one of the subsidiaries of KEY HOLDING- is one of the leading manufacturers of PPRC pipes and PPRC fittings in Turkey. It has been export-oriented for more than 15 years and is known for its exceptional quality in 17 markets around the world.

As an export focused company, MARKAS exports to North, West, and East African countries, Middle East countries, Greece, Romania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Moldova, Georgia, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan.

The most important feature that distinguishes MARKAS from other brands is the notion of quality-oriented production. Its quality focus has been maintained through the ISO9001/14001/22301 processes, which has continued to take its place in markets in a stable manner with both quality and business continuity methodology.


While realizing its quality commitment, MARKAS is adhering to international norms and standards while taking care of human health. At the same time, it considers it a manifesto by ensuring stable business continuity and meet all customers' expectations for innovation. It takes care of the innovation demands of its customers through various events that took place throughout the year to understand the innovation expectations of its customers. It takes on every investment to realize this.

MARKAS believes in the principle that success is not a coincidence, that knowledge and acquired experience will create progressive excellence. By ensuring the continuity of this mentality in the form of company culture, it is mission to guide the target clearly and as a guide.


For MARKAS, its customers and dealers are guides in the path of innovation and partnership, taking a principled stance that they will always be with them, not behind them, and create opportunities to adapt to all the economic and sociological variables of the world. 


All international communities are at the heart of our concerns. Through our continuous attempts to share social responsibility with others, we will create opportunities for education, qualifications, employment, and even partnership with individual or community organizations to secure the future of all children world.


MARKAS will continue to act with its employees, customers, dealers, and even business partners in all cases with integrity,, ethical values and respect for its customers and even for competitors, and it will value differences; these values are accepted as a corporate culture within MARKAS. It is conscious that growth can be achieved and sustained by sharing knowledge, technology, and capabilities.


In terms of quality sustainability, MARKAS works with the best and most respected European raw material producers in the market, such as BOREALIS, BASEL, and VESTOLEN, without compromising its production and performs its products with the most modern thermoplastic equipment and high Engineering Technology. 

MARKAS uses only the PP-RC Type-3 raw material superior to others in terms of temperature, pressure, and resistance to chemicals. PPRC Type-3 raw material does not contain any elements that harm human health and does not give off any color, taste, or smell other than usual. For the metal parts of PPRC pipes and fittings, MARKAS uses raw materials that guarantee the highest quality and healthiest products, which are supplied only from the Turkish domestic market and will not interfere with the high quality of the production of MARKAS. MARKAS pipes and fittings are suitable for Pn25, which is the highest-pressure value in the industry.


MARKAS PPRC-Type 3 pipe and fittings available for:

· All kinds of hot and cold-water supply systems (residences, schools, hospitals, hotels, etc.);

· Air pressure installations;

· Heating equipment, central heating boiler, and radiator connections;

· Agricultural sector;

· And all industries.


The main features of MARKAS pipes and fittings are:

· Long life: The life of plastic pipes is approximately 50 years, five to six times greater than that of metal pipes;

· Corrosion resistant due to non-electrochemical reactions of polymers;

· Ecologically clean;

· Low thermal conductivity;

· Light;

· Low water flow noise, silent;

· Provides smooth and fast installation; secured with /14001/22301: 2018.

We're thriving and building
better products

Our quality pledge, to ourselves before others, mandates our commitment to international norms and standards, and to consistently surpass the expectations while delivering our products and services to the world.

Our customers, are our associates and partners, they are the capital we strive to thrive, we will be always the next-door neighbor for them, venturing with them by all our expertise and resources, trying to be the reliable constant in their world of variables.

Our society is in the core of our concerns, with our relentless attempt to participate in sharing the social responsibility with others, we create opportunities for training, qualifying, employing and even partnering with individual or societal organizations, in an approach to secure the future for all.

Our Services

Long Life-Time

life-time of plastic pipes is about 50 years, what is five-six times longer than that of metal pipes.

Corrosion Resistant

Corrosion resistant due to the property of polymers not to get into electrochemical reactions.

Ecologically Clean

At our plant we have chosen a complex approach to environmental safety and resource saving.

Low Thermal Conductivity

Heat transfer occurs at a lower rate in materials of low thermal conductivity than in materials of high thermal conductivity.

Light Weight

Lightweight engineering is a key technology when it comes to facing the challenges of energy and resource efficiency.

Low Noisiness

It’s so frustrating to constantly hear noisy. Markas is here to help you figure out what’s causing that pesky clanging and fix it once and for all.